Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 8: White Envelope

Phew, I am caught back up. :)

Today's activity was a special one. Like I mentioned before we really want to teach Sydney that Christmas is about loving others and giving not just the commercialized version we see all around us. Today Sydney and I did a little white envelope activity for Shane. If you haven't heard of this before it is a really great way to teach kids about giving as well as a creative gift for somebody in your life. The idea is to give to somebody else or do something special to meet a need in your community or the world. Then you write down what you did and seal it in a white envelope and place it in your Christmas tree. On Christmas day, your recipient (in our case Shane) will get to open the envelope and read about what we did in his honor. I am excited for Shane to read our first white envelope!! No peeking!


Terri said...

Can't wait to see what comes next! Uncle Ron and I are doing the "Twelve Dates of Christmas" ...very fun to just do little things together during this month.
LOVED the elf hat and the monster beanie. Those should be a huge success. See you on Christmas Day! Love, Aunt Terri

Kristy said...

That's a lovely idea.
Did you get the bag I sent yet?I do hope so.

_Shane said...

This was honestly the best gift I received. Thank you both so much.