Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 6: Festival of Lights

On Saturday we took Sydney to the Festival of Lights. It is an annual event here in Los Angeles sponsored by the Department of Water and Power. Even though we have lived in the area for a few years we have never been before. After going this year, I am sure it will become an annual event for our family. We met some friends there and the kids all had a great time. Usually you drive your car through the event to observe all the light displays but there are special nights when they shut the road down and you can walk. We decided to see the lights via our own two legs. I figured that Sydney would have more fun running from display to display rather then reaching her neck to try to see each one. Different local departments have displays. For example, there was a display from the local fire department, one from the airport (which was one of my favorites), and of course some from the Department of Water and Power. I would definitely recommend this for any family who lives in the area.

While we have figured out where our camera is, we have not been able to pick it up yet. And since my iPhone does not work too well when trying to capture Christmas light displays, this post is sadly pictureless.

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