Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Brother's Wedding

My youngest brother was married this past Saturday. It was a beautiful ceremony at my parents' house. He married Stephanie, who already feels like a part of our family but now we officially welcome her to the chaos. I wish them many years of happiness and lots of babies. hee hee

Of course I was too busy during the wedding to take pictures but here's one of them heading out at the end of the night.

And here's one of the my little family, all ready for the wedding and pictures to start.

If you are keeping track, both of my brothers have now been married in the last month. Next up is my sister in October. Let's just say it is a busy year for our family. The good news is our family is doubling in size (almost anyways) and it is so much fun!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Favorite Things: Homemade Gifts

As you already know, I love handmade gifts. The girls have received so many amazing things from friends and family. The amazing knitter, mommy, wife, and friend, Amy made this beautiful vest for Violet (she was wearing it back here too). I just love how soft and tightly knit it is, plus it can be machine washed. Amy blogged about it back here and gave Vi the gift months ago but I just haven't been able to share yet. Hope you are all inspired, I know I am each time Violet wears it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New armoire

We have a 9 month old explorer living in our house. She loves anything off limits including any of big sister's toys, Daddy's flat screen and Blu Rays, and Mommy's crochet hooks and sewing supplies. In order to create a safe land of adventure in the apartment we have been doing some spring cleaning and decluttering. We also finally added this beauty to our living room. I love love love it! There is still a bit of cleaning and organizing to do and then of course my favorite: decorating. It feels so good to go through the house and organize. We are known to move often so usually the cleaning and organizing happens then. However, we have been in this apartment for over 2 years so it was time. I have a few projects in the works so look for some actual crafting up soon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A brother's wedding

My brother Richard is only 13 months younger than me. He is dangerously intelligent and loves being a father. On March 27th he was married to Michelle. We welcome Michelle and her daughter Lily to our family. Lily and Sydney are only a couple months apart in age and have very similar personalities. You can imagine Sydney's excitement when learning that Lily was now officially her cousin. She even insisted on getting her a gift!