Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Next week, my parents will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. To celebrate they will be renewing their vows in Barbados and they are bringing the whole family along! Yes, our upcoming vacation is to the beautiful island. Shane, Sydney, and I are so excited to leave in a few days that we can barely contain ourselves. So what do you get the parents who have everything for such a big event. Well, a one of a kind popcorn bowl of course. A few weeks ago we took Sydney to a Color Me Mine studio and had her paint them a popcorn bowl. At first she timidly dipped a small paint brush in the paint but before long she was using both hands.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Mummy

When Shane finished on the last project last November, he went right to work on Mummy 3. This is definitely not one we will be sharing with Sydney but none the less it does look like a fun summer movie. The official first trailer is up on the internet now and you can see it over on Shane's blog. He has a few more days of Mummy work before we leave for vacation. That means long hours for now but as of the 24th we will be on an island far away from any visual effects shots. YIPEE!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A little giveaway

While the goodies are not disclosed yet, everybody should go sign up for the giveaway over at Chirpings of Little Bird. Her stuff is so sweet. I love this little Popsicle tee. Even if you don't have a little one you should sign up, for her last giveaway she also gave some fabulous fabric cards.

Two great books

I just recently became the proud owner of Amy Butler's book, Midwest Modern: A Fresh Design Spirit for the Modern Lifestyle. It is so inspirational. I have added many sewing projects to the to do list because of it. Jamie just recently met this fabulous lady and you can read about it here.

Second, I bought this book when it came out a few weeks ago and I highly recommend it to any parent or anybody that spends time with kids. It is so full of great ideas and advice, I hardly know where to start. I just love how Amanda Soule is so open about being creative with your children and really modeling that behavior. Another great thing is how everything is so easy to implement and how quickly our house is becoming more creative already.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Shane

Today the love of my life celebrates another year. I hope your day is wonderful even though you have to work. ;)

I have been working on this tetris blanket for him. This picture is from awhile ago but it is the one I have handy. The squares are bordered in gray and I have about half the squares sewn together. The other half are waiting their turn. I am hoping to get it all finished up in the next couple days and I will take another picture to share.