Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two great books

I just recently became the proud owner of Amy Butler's book, Midwest Modern: A Fresh Design Spirit for the Modern Lifestyle. It is so inspirational. I have added many sewing projects to the to do list because of it. Jamie just recently met this fabulous lady and you can read about it here.

Second, I bought this book when it came out a few weeks ago and I highly recommend it to any parent or anybody that spends time with kids. It is so full of great ideas and advice, I hardly know where to start. I just love how Amanda Soule is so open about being creative with your children and really modeling that behavior. Another great thing is how everything is so easy to implement and how quickly our house is becoming more creative already.

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Sugarmama said...

I loved Amanda's book, too, and was able to implement some of her ideas right away. We now keep our kids' easel set up inside and ready at all times, for example. I used to worry that it would be a huge mess and kept it on the porch with (ahem) no paint. But actually, it's not messy at all. I just used a yard of oilcloth underneath it to catch the occasional spill, and that's it!