Friday, August 29, 2008

Family Fridays

These past few months we have been lucky enough to have lunch with Shane at work every Friday. Dreamworks celebrates the summer with family and friends Fridays where the employees can invite people to have lunch on the campus. It has been so much fun and all three of us will really miss it. We have had lots of people come with us including my parents, Shane's parents, the Koops, and Hector but today it was just the three of us. Thank you Shane for sharing it with us and thanks to Dreamworks for being family oriented and treating us to such yummy food each week. I will no doubt be having withdrawals from all the good food and fun walks around Dreamworks. Sydney will probably miss the ice cream and fish the most.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sydney's First Quilt

Last month for her birthday Sydney received a package from Jamie. Her excited little fingers opened it to find her very own fabric scraps. Some of these scraps were decent size and while Mommy was tempted to claim some, I let Sydney keep them. She has been laying them out in different designs and patterns for weeks now. She even carries them around in her purse or backpack often. Earlier in the week I saw this post from My Longest Year about making a quilt with glue and knew we had to try it. Sydney loved making her very own quilt and even wanted to add some crochet flowers I had laying around.

Since she has the bitty twin babies, she is already asking to make one more quilt so do not be surprised to see another one.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back on track...sort of

As you may have noticed things have been sort of slow on the creating side of my life. Mostly due to the extreme craze of other areas. Needless to say, the creativity has begun again. I have been getting inspired every where I turn and sewing has actually began again around here. There is nothing finished to show you yet. I am currently working on some more onesies, a couple baby blankets, and my first quilt. Hopefully, there will be more to show you soon.

Showering a Friend

Throwing a wedding shower for a close friend is always fun. This time around was especially wonderful because of all the great ideas brought to the table. It was a lot of work but with five of us splitting up the work it wasn't too bad. Part of my contribution was making cookie favors. Of course, I had help frosting them all (thanks goodness).

Everything was pink and poppy with bits of yellow. We also used lots of paper lanterns and umbrellas around the room for added atmosphere. It was just inspiring to even participate.

As a gift, Marissa and I joined our crocheting forces and made a blanket for their new home. It was fun working on it and once we started putting the squares together I decided that I wanted to keep it. ;) It is really big, each square is about 23inches and it is a basket weave. I love this new stitch so I think I may try making Sydney a blanket for her bed. I was thinking I could give it to her as a Christmas gift. The stitch is really solid so it would be perfect for winter.