Saturday, August 23, 2008

Showering a Friend

Throwing a wedding shower for a close friend is always fun. This time around was especially wonderful because of all the great ideas brought to the table. It was a lot of work but with five of us splitting up the work it wasn't too bad. Part of my contribution was making cookie favors. Of course, I had help frosting them all (thanks goodness).

Everything was pink and poppy with bits of yellow. We also used lots of paper lanterns and umbrellas around the room for added atmosphere. It was just inspiring to even participate.

As a gift, Marissa and I joined our crocheting forces and made a blanket for their new home. It was fun working on it and once we started putting the squares together I decided that I wanted to keep it. ;) It is really big, each square is about 23inches and it is a basket weave. I love this new stitch so I think I may try making Sydney a blanket for her bed. I was thinking I could give it to her as a Christmas gift. The stitch is really solid so it would be perfect for winter.


_Shane said...

It all looks so beautiful! You girls did a wonderful job!!

Heather said...

Andrea I am SOOOO jealous of your creativity! The shower looked beautiful! Those cookies were so perfect looking. I have missed your posts! The kids all go back to school on Thursday....Grant starts Kindergarten. Let's make it happen to get together VERY soon! Love ya, Heather

Andrea said...

Well it was mostly a friend's creativity and I just helped but thank you! We definitely should get together. Talk to you soon.

jamie said...

are you sure those cookies aren't from Smiths? They look maybe even better, if possible!