Sunday, July 27, 2008

Comic Con

Honestly, I go to Comic Con largely because Shane goes. Sydney and I just sort of tag along and usually do our own thing most of the time. However, this year I have spent more time looking around the floor and found so much great inspiration.

We love filling Sydney's room with original artwork or at least prints of fun pieces to inspire her imagination. We met Travis Hanson Saturday and he drew each of us our own sketches: Shane received a robot, I received a girl reading under a tree, and Sydney asked for a comic book with a girl in it. Then we also purchased a print for in her room.

Here are some other prints I liked.

Seaside Village by Dan Thompson

Braid Hair by Vera Brosgol

Check Point by Mike Lee
I really like the composition and color in this one.

These next two are both from artist Chris Appelhans.

Boston Common

Dance Bot

And these two are from Kazu Kibuishi.

Good Life Scene

Charnon House

Sort of a wide variety but I guess I like variety. They do all seem to be whimsical to some decree, maybe that is what draws me to them. I do feel inspired and ready to get home and start creating.


Courtney said...

How fun. I like the seaside village one too!

_Shane said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the trip!! It was fun to get away with you two for a little while.

Shelley said...

Oh, I like them!

jamie said...

What great illustrations! Did you get one for my room too?? I love picturing you three in SD... almost as much as picturing you in Bend... hee hee