Thursday, July 24, 2008

Catching up....again

Has it really been over three weeks since I posted? Wow. Well we have been busy with family summer fun and a little family stress. For the most part we are recovering and trying to get back in the swing of life. During my lapse, my little girl turned THREE! I am not sure how that happened but low and behold here we are. As I mentioned before we celebrated with a red birthday bash in San Diego.

She was all too pleased to wake up to a red carpet to walk down, a table full of red treats, and a stack of red gifts. I hope the rest of the summer is a little less eventful but a quick glance at the calendar reminds me of a different plan. Hopefully, the rest will be the family fun type craze. I am looking forward to more trips to San Diego (here we come Comic Con), more trips to the zoo, lunches with Shane at Dreamworks, and hopefully time for sewing and crafts.


Heather said...

I missed your posts! :-) Glad you're you still have Disney passes? Hope we can meet up SOON!

Shelley said...

Looks like fun :)