Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday gifts for Sydney

Our little girl turns 3 in a few days. This coming weekend we will be celebrating her birthday on the 4th of July so it will be a red birthday. I made her a reversible headband from this tutorial for her to wear. I didn't have any good fusible batting so I skipped it. The headband still works great it just doesn't photograph as well. I also made her a little scarf to add to the dress up box. After making some for her friends she kept asking for one so I whipped one up on Saturday. I guess that counts as a pretty productive crafting day in this house.

Friday, June 20, 2008

French Night

We are on a little tighter budget these days but I still want to do fun things for the family and spend quality time with Shane. It is not that I mind crocheting or reading in the other room while he is on the computer but sometimes doing something together is refreshing. So we had a French night last Wednesday. I cooked my first attempt at a French meal (a French Stew) and after putting Syd to bed we watched the French film, The Diving Bell and The Butterfly. The film was really interesting although not my favorite. It does make me want to read the book, so I think a trip to the library is coming soon. I have three more already brewing in my mind so I think we will have more in the future. I am also thinking that a little decorating will add to the atmosphere of the night.

Thanks to a dear friend who gave me this idea for a theme night.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sydney has friends who are sisters with birthdays a couple days apart. I made them these matching pink scarfs. I know it is way too hot here for them now but I figured they could use them for dress up too. I used this Caron yarn and the basket stitch I am addicted too.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Brown and Sage

Here's another baby blanket to be gifted. Once again I used Red Yarn Soft yarn. I am a huge fan of green and brown so of course I am happy with the result. Now to decide which color combination to do next. Any suggestions?

Monday, June 2, 2008


We are back from our vacation. It was so wonderful and even better than I thought it would be. We relaxed a lot but between us we scuba dived, water skied, went tubing, swam with giant sea turtles, and took a tour of the island. Plus the place we stayed was beautiful. Thanks Mom and Dad and once again Happy Anniversary.

On another note, I had a great (and long) conversation with Jamie last night and now I am inspired and excited to get back to sewing and being creative. Stay tuned.