Friday, August 29, 2008

Family Fridays

These past few months we have been lucky enough to have lunch with Shane at work every Friday. Dreamworks celebrates the summer with family and friends Fridays where the employees can invite people to have lunch on the campus. It has been so much fun and all three of us will really miss it. We have had lots of people come with us including my parents, Shane's parents, the Koops, and Hector but today it was just the three of us. Thank you Shane for sharing it with us and thanks to Dreamworks for being family oriented and treating us to such yummy food each week. I will no doubt be having withdrawals from all the good food and fun walks around Dreamworks. Sydney will probably miss the ice cream and fish the most.


_Shane said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the time together as much as I did...
I love my Wife. I love my Daughter. I love my Family and I love my Job. I feel truly blessed.

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