Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine Paper Hearts

Sydney made these paper heart garlands to hang in the front window for Valentine's Day. It was inspired from Marta's beautiful and sophisticated version. It was so beautiful and I knew instantly that Sydney would love all the hearts in the window.

First, we collected papers from Mommy's stash in reds, pinks, and blacks, scissors, tape, and string (or in our case pink embroidery thread). Because Sydney is still learning to cut I thought she could use a little help with the heart shape so I just gave her some heart-shaped cookie cutters to use as templates. They worked perfect because they are nice and large for her to hold on to as she traced and after a few hearts she was cutting away confidently without the 'template'.

Meanwhile, I prepared seven lengths of string that would hang in the window. Once Sydney had a good stack of hearts she taped them onto the strings.

Finally, we hung them up.

I think they look great...especially with all that rain on the other side of the window.


_Shane said...

I can't wait to see them when I get home!

Amy said...

So awesome! I might just have to try a much simpler version with Ryken...and more boyish?

Andrea said...

Definitely Amy. I think he could totally handle it. Maybe cut the hearts ahead of time and let him have fun taping them on. Maybe use yarn too so it's a bit bigger. You could just do it in blues and greens and it would still be valentinesish. :) Or another fun idea might be to have him paint up or color some white paper and then cut the hearts out of those. Then he would be making the hearts too. Ok I think that's all my ideas for now. lol