Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monsters Vs. Aliens

Image stolen, I mean borrowed from here.

This past weekend we were able to go to the crew premiere of Monsters Vs. Aliens. This is the film that Shane worked on for about 10 months. It was so excited to finally see after hearing about it for almost a year. I loved it. It really turned out to be a great family film and also really funny. I was worried how Sydney would do with the 3D glasses and if it would give me a headache (especially since I went into the theater with one) but neither was a problem. We usually determine how Sydney liked a film by how many potty breaks she takes and I am happy to say this was the first time she didn't take any! I hope you all enjoy the film too. I am so proud of you Shane! Great work to you and everybody who worked on it.

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_Shane said...

THANK YOU for all the love and support!!

I am thrilled that you and Syd enjoyed the film!