Friday, August 12, 2011

New Pillows

I made these pillows a few months ago but just realized I haven't shared them here. The pattern is Anna Maria Horner's Love Emblem pattern. She also has a free pattern to make two different size quilts using the same pattern. They are beautiful. This was my first try with such a challenging pattern. All those different triangles and points and fitting it all together was a bit overwhelming. In the end, they didn't turn out perfect but I like them and learned so much in the process.

For these pillows I used her Folksy Flannels Collection along with some solid cream flannel I picked up at our local JoAnn's. It makes them very soft and snuggly. For the backs I just used some Kona solids. For the stuffing I mainly used the stuffing from the pillows we already had on the couch. This saved some money. Plus, we didn't need more pillows just different ones.

I like the idea of making new pillows every few months to give the room a fresh feeling. Hopefully I'll find some time to make up some new ones this fall. I also like trying new things and pillows are a good size for trying new patterns or techniques or color combinations. Do you have any favorite patterns for pillows?

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_Shane said...

That is my favorite pattern for pillows! ;) Great Job!!