Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Sydney!

My first born baby girl is FIVE today. Can you tell I'm in denial? I just can't believe this precious girl is FIVE! Really? Five? But yes, she keeps assuring me that she is indeed five today.


When you were born:
- you were right on time.
- you had a head full of dark hair (we still don't know where that's from.)
- you immediately stole Daddy heart.
- you had the hiccups multiple times every day (still do usually).
- your Grammie, Papa, Oma, and Frankie were all at the hospital.
- I already loved you.

Today at five:
- you have a heart for kids less fortunate than you.
- you always can make Violet laugh the hardest.
- you are beginning to spell and read.
- you love making up songs and singing loudly for all to hear.
- you love learning new things.
- you are Mommy's helper in everything from laundry to cooking.
- you still have Daddy's heart.
- your favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon.
- you say "fail" when something goes wrong.
- you love Star Wars.
- you love playing Little Big Planet.
- I love you even more.

Darling girl, I can't wait to see all that God has in store for you. This coming year you start Kindergarten, you will be learning Korean, and you will begin Awanas. And these are just the things we have planned. I am truly blessed to have you as my daughter. I pray that you will always feel loved, continue growing in compassion, and grow into a girl and young woman who hungers for the Lord. I love you, Syd.


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