Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday Boutique Coverage

Thanks to everybody who stopped by at my first ever boutique. It was super fun to participate. The event too place in beautiful Pasadena and I was lucky enough to spend the day with Amy. We spent the time talking with each other, with other vendors, and with lots of visitors. I felt like if I sold one thing I could consider it a success and so it was a success. Hee hee.

Actually I sold an owl onesie, both of the elf beanies below, a bunch of buttons, and received a very special commissioned lap-size blanket that I will share with you all soon.

I have posted a couple of the blankets that did not sell in the shop and I hope to post more blankets and possibly a couple hats in the next couple days so stay posted.


Amy said...

I had so much fun at the boutique with you. I definitely hope we can make it a yearly/bi-yearly tradition!

jamie said...

you are so CUTE! Love your stuff and am so proud of you!

Amy said...

BTW, you've received the Uber Amazing Blog Award from me. Check it out. Pass it on. Spread some blogging love.

Shelley said...

Sound like a great time!! Mom