Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Part 3: Fun Fest

As you can see, Halloween was a smashing success for our little girl. She was such a trooper this past week as we prepared everything at church. She happily ran tons of errands with me and even was my helper at the church. She would run and grab me more supplies or water. She tried out all the games for me to make sure everything was working well. Of course, with all the preparations and running around making sure everybody had enough candy to hand out I did not take too many photos. Here are just a couple Shane took of the evening.

First up was getting her face painted.
Then she played some games.
Next was watching part of a pirate movie and enjoying some candy.
And finally here she is working on some crafts.
The evening was so fun and it was great to meet so many new people from the neighborhood around our church.


Spookie Pookie said...

beautiful smile!

Shelley said...

soooo cute! I`m not just saying that because I`m Grammy :)