Monday, April 28, 2008

Grape and Lavendar

As promised here is the other baby blanket I have just finished. I really love this one alot. This one is also Red Heart Soft Yarn and is my first attempt at the scalloped edge. I think that if we have another girl in the future I will make another one like this or really similar as this one is for some close friends who are expecting their little girl in a few weeks.


Dana said...

Beautiful blanket! Wow!!

Also, sounds like you have a great relationship with your husband. And, I have a Sydney too. :)

A New Creation said...

that is just beautiful sis!!

the Lord has blessed you!!

frak said...

WOW! Beautiful!
I am a gonna have to get me a baby to snag one of these babies! ;)

Amy said...

Beautifully done! Great color choice, too.