Friday, March 21, 2008

Yarn and another project

(Photo from Happy Handwork)

Well, the throw was so fun to make I decided to try another blanket. I just started one with Cotton Ease yarn and it is coming together nicely. I am trying to make the stripes a little wider this time around. Although I am not sure how I like it so far, I am eager to get a larger portion done. I promise to share a picture as soon as I am feeling a little better and have a little more finished.

On another yarn note, there is an awesome giveaway over at Happy Handwork. You should all go enter to try and win the beautiful Malabrigo yarn. Good luck!


salutor said...

What a beautiful grape-y color! Looking forward to seeing the pictures of what you make with it.

Felicia said...

Groovy color :)

JaimeM said...

Hey! Go check out my blog. I tagged you for a meme! :)

i'm kelly said...

lov'n the new header... very cute. and i'm so jealous of your crocheting abilities! i'm thinking of trying a little something in the next few days & your definitely giving me some encouragement. love the color of that yarn!