Monday, January 28, 2008

"Baby is cold, Mommy."

Sydney requested a blanket for her baby and who can resist such a cute request. I have also been wanting to try out sometime a little different with crocheting so I made an attempt at a granny square crochet blanket for 'baby.' I do need a little practice to get the tension of the yarn more uniform so that the stitches are more even. I do like how it turned out as a first try though. I would like to add a few more rows around the edge but that will have to wait; Sydney just can't wait to play with it any longer.

"Baby is cold, Mommy."
"Ok, you can have it now, Syd."


i'm kelly said...

i love the bright cheerful colors. the perfect cure for the rainy day blues!

_Shane said...

This is great! One of my fondest childhood memories of my mother was when she did something similar for me.

Happy Zombie said...