Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cherilyn and Jake

I know it has been a while since I blogged so get ready for some catching up. While I haven't been on here much I have been creating and making new stuff. I'm looking forward to sharing them and getting some feedback too. So without further delay...

(Photo property of Cherilyn)

Congratulations (belated though it is) to my sister Cherilyn and her new husband Jake. They were married this past October. Cherilyn is my only sister whom I love dearly and Jake is a wonderful husband for her. He really brings out the best in her and for that I love him too.

I made them this crocheted blanket for their new home together (yes it is an old picture because I forgot to take pictures of it completed). It is something you may have seen a glimpse of all the way back here. It was definitely a labor of love but I think it will be a nice blanket to cuddle under for a movie. It is big enough for two to use for just such an occasion. This is my first attempt at a chevron or zigzag pattern. I really like the look of these and think I might make one for our home too. I'm thinking a bunch of bright colors. Maybe something for on Violet's big girl bed since it will probably take about that long to make. :)

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