Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy 29th Shane!

The man I love turns 29 today. I struggled with what to get for him. He means so much to me and another Blu Ray or book just seemed sort of....not enough. In the end, Sydney picked out a record for him (his newest hobbie) and along with a couple small gifts we each made him something. Sydney used some clay that bakes in the oven and made him a pencil holder for his desk. I decided to make him this crocheted yoda to sit and guard the pencil cup. The pattern was a little confusing to me so I sort of changed some things as I went, but that may be because this was my first attempt at any sort of animal or doll. I am happy with the way it turned out and I look forward to trying other creatures in the future.

Shane, I love the way you love me and the girls. You are such a wonderful man of God, an amazing artist, and of course, an amazing father. May your birthday be filled with lots of laughter and fun, and may the Dodgers win today for you! ;)


_Shane said...

The Dodgers let me down, but you sure didn't! Thanks so much for everything. I had a wonderful day!!

Terri said...

Happy Birthday Shane! You're the best. Andrea, your Yoda is an absolute scream. You might be interested in some of the amigurumi crochet books out there- I have one you can borrow. These toys are crocheted all in circles.

Andrea said...

Thanks Aunt Terri. I would love to browse your book. I was thinking it would be fun to make some little animals and food items for the girls to play with. Maybe even add a bell in a couple of them for Vi.