Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Sister

Above pictures by Amy Agadoni Photography

We were wondering how Sydney would react to a new baby in the house. Sydney has been an only child for four years. Plus, for most of that time none of our friends had children so she was the only child period in her little world. Everybody was telling us stories including some of when I was younger and my baby brother was brought home.

We should not have worried though. Sydney is great with Violet. She is still learning how to be gentle and to leave her alone when she is sleeping. But for the most part, Sydney just wants to help: help wash the baby's clothes, help feed her, help bathe her, help change her, etc. She is a wonderful big sister already.

Here's one of their first pictures together.

So what special things to big sisters get to do? Swimming of course.

And learning how to embroider too.

Shane has Fridays off as part of his paternity leave so we have been busy. I will share more as soon as I have another good day with the girls and have a little extra time. ;)


_Shane said...

I feels so blessed to have two wonderful girls!

karen said...

Two beautiful girls and two really good parents....Auntie Kiki sends lots of love your way...