Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Painting with Sydney

Sydney has really developed a love of painting. It is a rare day that she does not ask for some sort of painting project. Most days I let her watercolor; primarily because it is washable and stays pretty well contained on the table. We have started exploring other painting options and mediums though. It is fun to watch her experiment.

Recently we used fabric paint and tea towels from Ikea to make gifts for her Oma and Grandma's birthdays. I just cut sponges into shapes and let her dip them in a little bit of the fabric paint and then arrange them on the towels, inspired by this post. She used a leaf shape for one and a star shape for the other.

Today is just beautiful outside so I let her paint outside and make a mess. This is her first canvas and it is fun to see her painting out there through the kitchen window. At first she was timid but of course she quickly jumped in with both hands...literally.

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