Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

We had a heatwave here in Southern California last week. Fortunately, we had already planned a trip to Hartland Camp with some friends. No television + no phones + cooler weather = good times. We played boardgames, went on walks, took naps, and ate tons of food. A special thanks to the Koops for the hospitality! When we finally returned home it was over 100 degrees
inside our apartment and we were even more thankful for the long weekend away.

Shane and Jeremy helping Sydney play basketball.

Sydney taking a break during a walk through the camp. She was sure she could do it all on her own but decided to let us help in the end.

I love moments like this with Shane and Sydney. Needless to say it was a much needed break from the grind of things. I hope you all stayed cool too.

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Kariss said...

These are GREAT pictures. Isn't Hartland lovely? I always feel refreshed after being there. Glad you had fun!